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By Emily Thomas

Although not everyone has the resources to visit and study museums up close and personal, the Internet makes it possible for you to get a look into them from afar. By following blogs from museums and curators, you can get a unique perspective on museums around the world. Check out these 100 blogs to study and see the latest from museums.

Resources & Advice

In these blogs, you’ll see useful resources and advice for museums.

  1. Museum 2.0: Nina Simon discusses participatory museum experiences.
  2. Museum Strategy: On the Museum Strategy blog, you’ll learn about museum communication and PR.
  3. Audience Research: Check out Audience Research, and you’ll get insight into audience research in museums and beyond.
  4. New Curator: New Curator takes a look at the future of museums.
  5. Im in Ur Museum Blogz: This Museum Collections Manager blogs about blogging.
  6. Smithsonian 2.0: Find out about new web endeavors from the Smithsonian on this blog.
  7. Ideum: Read this blog to learn about museum exhibit and design news.
  8. Museum People: Become a part of the museum community on this blog.
  9. How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: Read this blog to find how you can put social media to work.
  10. Experienceology: Stephanie Weaver offers insight into creating great visitor experiences.
  11. The Attic: The Attic is a home for the Department of Museum Studies’ research students at the University of Leicester.
  12. ExhibiTricks: Read the ExhibiTricks to learn about the tricks of the trade in exhibits and museums.
  13. ExhibitFiles: This blog offers an online community to learn about exhibits and more.
  14. Open Objects: Open Objects offers a discussion about IT issues in museums and archaeology.
  15. The Museum Detective: Dr. Joanna Cobley shares stories from behind the scenes at museums on this blog.
  16. Doctor Dada: Learn about museums, multimedia, and the web on the Doctor Dada blog.
  17. Social Media and Cultural Communication: Get ideas and strategy for getting cultural participation in social media for your museum.
  18. Cultural Interpretation & Creative Education: Learn how cultural bodies can interpret their collections to connect with educators, tourism, and cultural politics.
  19. Museum-Ed: Read the Museum-Ed Blog to connect with the Museum Educator Community.
  20. Museum Planner: This blog is written for Board Members and stakeholders who work in various museums.

Curators & Staff

Check out these blogs to learn about museums from their curators and other staff.

  1. Taking Liberties: British Library curator Matthew Shaw blogs about the exhibition Taking Liberties: The Struggle for Britain’s Freedoms and Rights.
  2. Curator’s Corner: This curator’s blog is about anything art.
  3. LCHA Curator’s Corner: Check out this blog, a place for discussions among curators.
  4. Watts Gallery Director’s Blog: See new developments at the Watts Gallery through this blog from Perdita Hunt.
  5. Museum Director’s Blog: See insights and inside stories of the Museum of Jewish Heritage’s director David G. Marwell.
  6. conference.archimuse.com: This blog offers an online community for museum informatics professionals.
  7. Confessions of a Curator: This blog is about rare books and special collections at Northern Illinois University.
  8. Adventures of a Museum Maven: Read documentation of visits to museums and historical sites on this blog.
  9. Palaeo Manchester Blog: Read this blog to find out what the Curator of Palaeontology at The Manchester Museum does.
  10. The Carolina Curator: Daniel Smith is the Special Collections curator at the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  11. Watts Gallery-Curator’s Blog: Read this blog to get a behind the scenes look at the Watts Gallery from curator Mark Bills.
  12. Curator & Collector: In this blog, you’ll learn about museums, numismatics, and collections.
  13. The Zymoglyphic Museum Curator’s Blog: Study Zymoglyphic art, artifacts, and more through this blog.
  14. Woodson Wanderings: Follow the Woodson Art Museum staff to see a day in the life at the museum.
  15. Past Thinking: Tom Goskar and Tehmina Goskar discuss archaeology, museums, and other heritage issues to discuss how they can use technology to learn about the past.
  16. Hi-Q-RT: See unique art from Compound Gallery and beyond in this blog.
  17. Oregon State Arthropod Collection Curator’s Blog: Learn about activities, new events, and developments in this collection from the curators.


In these blogs, you can learn about art museums.

  1. Face to Face: Get up close and personal with the National Portrait Gallery on this blog.
  2. Eye Level: Eye Level is produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, written to highlight discussion beyond the walls of the museum.
  3. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Follow this blog to find out what’s happening at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.
  4. National Museums Liverpool Blog: Get unique perspectives from the staff and volunteers at National Museums Liverpool on this blog.
  5. George Eastman House: The Blog: Get a look into film, photographs and more through the George Eastman House blog.
  6. Brooklyn Museum: The Brooklyn Museum blog shares news about exhibits, current events, and behind the scenes moments at the museum.
  7. Modern Blog: Go beyond and behind the walls of the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
  8. Indianapolis Museum of Art: Get a view into the art, nature park and more that’s a part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
  9. Gibbes Museum Blog: Build a personal relationship with art through the Gibbes Museum of Art’s blog.
  10. Art Matters: Get news and art musings from inside the University of Iowa Museum of Art’s blog.
  11. Asian Art Museum Blog: Travel through thousands of years of history, sample cultures and more through the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco’s blog.
  12. McMaster Museum of Art: In this space, the McMaster Museum of art discusses everything related to the McMaster Museum of Art, contributed by museum staff.
  13. University of Wyoming Art Museum: Read this museum’s blog to stay up to date on exhibitions, programs and news relating to the University of Wyoming Art Museum.
  14. Hammer Museum: Find out more about the Hammer Museum’s culture and collections through the Hammer Museum blog.
  15. Amon Carter Museum: Read about the Amon Carter Museum of fine American art in Fort Worth, Texas on this blog.
  16. Nasher Museum of Art: The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke is home to traveling exhibitions in modern and contemporary art.

Children & Education

See fun activities and more in these blogs about children’s and education museums.

  1. The Learning Team, The Manchester Museum: Find learning resources and more through the Manchester Museum blog.
  2. What’s Happening at The Children’s Museum of Memphis?: This museum’s blog welcomes dreamers.
  3. The Children’s Museum in Easton: This museum works to make lifelong journals.
  4. Bay Area Discovery Museum: Find out about the latest events and exhibits at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

History & Culture

These blogs share the happenings of history and culture museums.

  1. Tenement Museum: The Tenement Museum tells the story of immigrants to America.
  2. Burpee Museum of Natural History: Read about local biology, prehistory, and geo-science on the Burpee Museum blog.
  3. Blog from Battery Place: This blog offers a behind the scenes look at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.
  4. Found History: See digital and public history on this blog.
  5. Museum Anthropology: Read articles, reviews, notes, and more about museum anthropology on this blog.
  6. High Desert Musings: Check out the high desert through this museum blog.
  7. Henry VIII: Man and Monarch: Get a unique perspective on the Henry VIII exhibition at the British Library from this blog.
  8. Yesterday.sg: Stay up to date on Singapore’s Heritage, Museums and Nostalgia from this museum blog.
  9. Chicago History Museum: Get updated on collections, events, multimedia, and more from the Chicago History Museum on this blog.
  10. The Bowers Museum Collection Blog: Find out more about the collection department at the Bowers Museum on this blog.
  11. Annapolis Royal Heritage: Learn about heritage in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  12. Guided By History: Check out the Wells Fargo blog to learn from archivists and historians.
  13. Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History: Stay informed about what’s new and coming along at SNOMNH through this blog.
  14. The Burke Museum Blog: Read the Burke Museum Blog to see behind the scenes at the museum.


In these blogs, you’ll get to see unique information and displays from science museums.

  1. American Museum of Natural History Climate Change Blog: Learn about signs of change on this blog from the American Museum of Natural History.
  2. Biomedicine on Display: Read the Medical Museion to see objects and more in biomedicine.
  3. More to Explore: Explore this blog from the Fort Collins Museum and Discovery Science Center blog.
  4. Museum Victoria: Go behind the scenes with the zoologists of the Melbourne Museum on this blog.
  5. Adventures in Earth and Space: Learn about experiences in NASA Earth and Space science missions from this blog.
  6. Science Circus: The Science Circus is the world’s biggest traveling science outreach center.
  7. Beyond Bones: Read this blog to find out what’s happening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
  8. UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research: See the Botany Photo of the Day in this blog.
  9. Tree Frog Treks: Explore the wild science adventures in Tree Frog Treks through this blog.
  10. Science Museum of Long Island: On this blog, you can find out what’s happening at SMLI.


These blogs will give you a glimpse into anything and everything museums.

  1. East Lothian Council Museums Service Blog: Get everyday looks into collections from steam locomotives to fine art.
  2. Endangered Archives Blog: This blog discusses the Endangered Archives program at the British Library.
  3. The Pet Museum: This museum examines the lives, times, art and history of pets.
  4. Exploratorium Explainers: Read the experiences, thoughts, and more of the Explainers at the Exploratorium, part of San Francisco’s Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception.
  5. Cooper-Hewitt Design Blog: Find out what’s going on at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum on this blog.
  6. Design Museum: This blog is about design museums around the world.
  7. Whaling Museum Blog: The Whaling Museum blog records museum happenings and offers a way to connect with the museum.
  8. greenmuseum.blog: Learn about pollution, preservation, and other green issues through the Green Museum blog.
  9. Huronia Museum Blog: This museum relates to the Georgian Bay, Huron & Ojibwa First Nations People, and Huronia culture.
  10. food museum blog: The Food Museum Blog shares eclectic reporting on all things food.
  11. Powerhouse Museum Object of the Week: You’ll see a new object among Powerhouse Museum’s collection of 385,000 every week.
  12. Harley Davidson Museum: This museum blog shares Harley Davidson updates, events, and more.
  13. Ingalls Library & Museum Archives: This blog will help you keep up with what’s new and happening at the Ingalls Library.
  14. The Women’s Museum: This blog will take you inside the national women’s history museum.
  15. Looting Matters: Read about the ethics of collecting antiques from this blog.
  16. Ohio Archaeology Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about what’s happening with the Ohio Historical Society.
  17. Cody Firearms Museum’s Weblog: Check out stories of Buffalo Bill, firearms history, and more on this blog.
  18. National Scouting Museum Curator’s Corner: Learn about the official museum of the Boy Scouts of America from this blog.
  19. Around the Mall: See what’s happening in the Smithsonian museums and more in this blog.

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  1. I an a volunteer at the Huronia Museum and help maintain the museum’s blog. I found that a number of visitors to our blog found us from your list of museum blogs. Thanks for the help in spreading the word. And now that we have found you, we will be studying your blog content and seeing what we can learn. Thanks again.

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