2012 Museum Exhibition Costs Survey

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I am preparing the 2012 Museum Exhibition Costs Survey. Before, I finalize the survey, would like feedback on the most useful data from the survey. Please review the goals below and use the comment section to make suggestions. In two weeks I will make the survey live and start collecting responses.

Survey Goals:
1. Exhibition costs per square foot in dollars by exhibition type (I would ask that projects outside the USA, convert to USD).
2. Data regarding “in house” museum exhibition design and fabrication vs. outsourced museum exhibition design and fabrication
3. Data regarding exhibition phases and expenditures per phase
4. Data regarding schedule for exhibition design and fabrication schedules

I believe it is important to keep the survey brief, would like to keep the survey to 10 questions.
Thanks! -Mark

2011 Museum Exhibition Costs Survey Results

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  1. You might want to be very specific about what people count in the cost/sq foot.  Marketing? Education programs? Staff salaraies and benefits?

  2. Realize that the samples might be small but it would be helpful to understand the average size of the museums in the sample. Are these large or small museums responding to the survey?

  3. A separation between ‘build’ (construction/interior/lighting), ‘exhibitry’ (exhibits,  AV, technology) and ‘content’ (artefacts, images, text, movies, interactives) could be very useful to understand the composition of the cost.

    Maybe you can ask what percentage of the total cost went to ‘build’, ‘exhibitry’ and ‘content’?

  4. i just signed up today and i am really impressed to find this topic. pls post me the latest survey. thanks

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