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  1. Hello Colleagues,

    I believe we could use the results of a survey which convey gross revenue per sq. foot/per week traveling exhibition distributors receive for exhibition leases. It would be helpful if traveling exhibition purveyors had this information differentiated not only for exhibition type: Pop culture, science, natural history, art but also for exhibition age.

    Exhibition distributors used to share this information openly. With increased competition it seems this information is being more closely guarded. Exhibition distributors no longer have a shared market barometer which is unfortunate. Distributors deserve to understand the economic trends of the business, its general health, and a means to understand at what price point they can expect to list their exhibition leases.

    It seems a collectively gathered, fully anonymous survey with broadly shared results and metrics would be a great help to the field.

    This one’s been on my to do list for some time but alas, I am too busy leasing exhibits and asking too little or too much for them.

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    Hi Bill,
    Thank you for the message. I agree this would be very helpful data, would be happy to create such a survey.

    Can you point me to previous examples surveys? i.e. “Exhibition distributors used to share this information openly.”
    How was the information shared ?


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  5. I noticed that prototyping was not in the survey, and when I looked up prototyping under categories it seems to be used only for evaluations. I have found that prototyping interactive exhibit to be the most important part of the interactive exhibit development. Stating with proof of concept. Will the idea work? Next safety could this seriously harm someone. Followed by can this be made reliable, or will this prove to be a costly maintenance nightmare? And last does this get the concept we are going for across.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Tom,
    Thank you for the message.

    Great suggestion on the next (2018 ?) survey will include prototyping as part of the process breakdown.


    P.S. Also need to include museum educator to list of roles

  7. The survey wasn’t iPhone friendly so I couldn’t answer some of the cost criteria. I also had separate model and av costs.

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  9. Hi All,
    Please get in your survey responses. Will close the survey Tuesday, June 13th.

    – Mark

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    Hi Eleanor,
    The survey was closed June 13th. I am putting together the results.

    – Mark

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