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  1. Mark

    I am an assistant researcher at Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum. We are failing.
    Need help in how to be viable.

    We have on display the most western memorabilia and artifacts in the world.

    See our website.
    Realy need help.
    2 person operation.

    Please call

  2. Post

    I am sad to hear about your situation.

    A few suggestions:
    1. If the museum is a member of AAM apply for a MAP Review
    2. Without knowing more of the situation, I would make sure the Board of Directors is fully aware of the situation. The well being of the museum is their responsibility.
    3. Have you or someone documented how and why you are in your current situation?
    4. Is the museum collection at risk? If so, that needs to be addressed immediately.

    Wish I could offer more guidance. Without knowing more it is difficult to make suggestions.
    – Mark

  3. Wow, Michael, I just visited your museum perhaps right after your post last August. I am from Dallas, so reallyenjoyed it and how we share a love of the “Cowboy mystique”. I agree with Mark, but also think that you need a great marketing leader with great ideas – one who will get others excited about the museum – both visiting, donating and through other fundraising.

    Tie ins with other organizations – National Cowgirl museum here in Fort Worth comes to mind, and other can be key and draw fro a greater area.

    Good luck to you, and hope to visit again soon, now that my niece is in OK at college.

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