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"Alcatraz: Life on the Rock" Entrance

Have been hired by Alcatraz Cruises to project manage the new 2800 square foot traveling exhibition “Alcatraz: Life on the Rock”.  The exhibition is opening at Ellis Island October 2011.  Prior to the opening we would like to evaluate the exhibition with the general public.

We are interested in finding a California Bay Area venue that would be available to host the exhibition for 2-3 weeks during March or April for visitor evaluation.  We would cover costs during the exhibition evaluation and there would be no cost for the exhibition rental.

Exhibition Information
“Alcatraz: Life on the Rock” exhibition link:

Alcatraz: Life on the Rock showcases Alcatraz Island’s fascinating history and infamous inmates.  Guests step through cell doors to enter “Alcatraz: Life on the Rock”, which explores the island’s history from several angles.
  • “How Do You Know Alcatraz?” An interactive introduction, complete with a model of the island and a look at The Rock’s place in media and movies.
  • “Military History” examines Alcatraz’s role as a Civil War-era fortress and military prison.
  • A recreated prison cell is the centerpiece of “Life on the Inside,” which looks at the conditions convicts experienced in Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.
  • “Strength: The Native American Occupation” chronicles the 19-month occupation of Alcatraz by a group of activists.
  • “Preserving the Rock” highlights the island’s current status as a national park and shares images of its lush gardens and wildlife.
The traveling exhibition includes authentic artifacts and interactive displays that present surprising stories and a behind-the-scenes look at chambers not normally open to visitors.
Several Alcatraz alumni loaned authentic memorabilia to the exhibition, including an original letter written by Robert “Birdman” Stroud, when he was an Alcatraz prisoner; an Alcatraz shank, made froma butter knife and wrapped in electrical tape, that was taken from a prisoner in a shakedown; and an original brass key to an Alcatraz visiting room door.

Sit at the visitation booth, and listen to tales told by convicts and guards. Peek through a replica of the tunnel escapees dug to break out of Alcatraz. View historic footage and hear accounts of Alcatraz residents, rangers, prisoners and guards. From walk-through cell doors to life-sized murals and models, an immersive experience awaits.  Few destinations captivate visitors as Alcatraz does – and now, Alcatraz: Life on the Rock takes the island’s intriguing story on the road.

The exhibition will be available for rental starting January 2012.

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"Alcatraz: Life on the Rock" Inmate Cell Recreation

"Alcatraz: Life on the Rock" Inmates

"Alcatraz: Life on the Rock" Escape Attempts

"Alcatraz: Life on the Rock" Military History

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