Working Big to Small

Mark Walhimer Project Management Leave a Comment

When I am working on a project I am always thinking “Big to Small”.  What are the big things that need to be finished before I can move onto the smaller and then smaller tasks.  It is all to easy to get tied up in the smaller tasks at the start of a project, so I think “Big to Small” or “Can the project open without X”, if the project can open without X, look for bigger tasks first.

An exhibition needs electricity, that’s big, the exhibition needs a complete design, that’s big, the exhibition needs a fabrication firm, that’s big.  You can open an exhibition without a photo caption, an exhibition can open without an interactive in place (yes it can open without one of the interactives in place!), an exhibition can open with a typo, an exhibition can open without all of the graphic panels, but you can’t open without the electricity!  “Big to small”

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