Museums and Blockchain

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Wow has this been a rabbit hole ! Working on a museum master plan and thought it would be cool to plan the museum architecture simultaneously with the digital experience using blockchain. Except, every-time I think I have gotten close to understanding the possibilities and capabilities of blockchain and museums I learn more. In a nutshell, the idea is to …

Virtual Museums: The Future of Museum Visits?

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Today’s digitally-savvy millennials are accustomed to finding answers fast. They spend less time researching and more time taking action. To stay relevant, museums need to meet visitors where they are: in the digital space. Virtual museums offer an exciting — and cost-effective — a new way for visitors to experience the world’s finest art, artifacts, and natural history specimens from …

How to Create A Virtual Museum Tour That Generates Real Online Engagement

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‍How to Create A Virtual Museum Tour That Generates Real Online Engagement PDF In the digital age, virtual museum tours are becoming increasingly commonplace. They combine the convenience of an online experience with the hands-on experience of a physical tour. However, many virtual tour websites are little more than a list of static images and descriptions with minimal interaction. Visitors …

A Sign of Things to Come?

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I am beginning to wonder if this is the beginning of the end for museums as public civil society organizations and museum workers. As I watch the news every night, it seems that the last thing anyone would want to do is to hire museum staff at this time. Those museum workers still employed are now doing the work of two to three former …

Museum Community and Institutional Values

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In the past, we could estimate costs on a low-cost basis and then build museum business models to have operational costs and unearned income create a museum business plan.

The equations are no longer so simple. As an example, basing costs on non-union labor and minimum wage without benefits could be rejected by communities as not aligning with their personal values.

The Museum Experience Gap

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To capture new audiences and expend the primary mission of museums as places of personal meaning, community impact and civil society, we must relinquish part of our authority and learn new digital skills.

The future of museums in understanding and aligning with influencer culture and reaching larger numbers of people that show impact to policymakers.

With museums reopening we have a window of time to change museums, but we must move quickly and with new attitudes.

The Future

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Introduction Since March 17th 2020 and the start of my Coronavirus quarantine, I have worked on a Strategic Plan for a museum in Tennessee, worked as an AAM MAP reviewer and worked on my new book Museum Visitor Experience. I am sure as everyone else, some days are better than others. Often it is difficult to have the concentration to …