Design Process Steps

Museum websites, exhibitions, art installations, graphics, retail store displays and interior designs are all examples of design and all follow a similar design process. This post outlines the “Design Process Steps”

The 3/6/9/12 Rule

Great guideline from the Association of Children’s Museums 2010 Interactivity panel “The Changing Face of Technology in Children’s Museums”. The 3/6/9/12 rule: No computer screens before age 3, no internet before age 6, no electronic gaming until age 9 and no unsupervised internet before age 12.

Why Would Anyone Hire a Designer?

Almost all of my favorite projects didn’t have design help. City MuseumMutterExploratorium The places grew out of a passion to create. No one can design that, it happens. You can create a culture and an environment that fosters creativity, exploration and discovery, but you can’t design it.