Constructivism Learning Theory

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Modern interactive learning in science centers and children’s museums is based on Constructivist Learning Theory. Below is an excerpt from Wikepedia: “Formalization of the theory of constructivism is generally attributed to Jean Paiget, who articulated mechanisms by which knowledge is internalized by learners. He suggested that through processes of accommodation and assimilation, individuals construct new knowledge from their experiences. When …

Interactive Exhibit Philosophy

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I came across an excellent article by Kthryne McGrath. Below is an excerpt: “By setting up a problem to be solved, demanding interaction, producing effects from direct actions and allowing variations of approach, cognitive development in children is enhanced. Hands-On Children’s Museums encourage contextually relevant reasoning. These museums are successful, concrete examples of interactive, participatory learning. As reflected in their …

What is an interactive exhibit?

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The answer isn’t so easy. Many designers, museum directors, even visitors would think of a push button as interactive. I would differ. The meaning of Inter – “occurring between“, a push button could be thought of as interactive but the communication between the participants (the “button and the visitor” is very limited with only one outcome). My definition of an …

PGE Look Forward Bus

PG&E Look Forward Bus

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Mark Walhimer Exhibition Design is pleased to announce the completion of the PG&E Look Forward Bus, a new 38′ mobile exhibition focused on alternative and renewable energy. Traveling throughout Northern California and Nevada, the bus provides a fun interactive, educational journey for kids, adults and families. Walhimer Associates planned the visitor experience, managed fabrication and served as owner’s representative from start to finish. The bus hit the road April, 2007.