Top 10 Children’s Museums

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The City Museum The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Minnesota Children’s Museum The Children’s Museum of Manhattan Chicago Chicdren’s Museum Bay Area Discovery Museum Kohl Children’s Museum Children’s Museum of Pittsburg Portland Children’s Museum Runners Up 11.Boston Children’s Museum 12.Please Touch 13.Port Discovery 14. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Now Boarding: Airport Museums and the Global Audience

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By Marjorie Schwarzer Link to AAM Article This article was published in Museum News, May/June 2001. “Airports become more like downtowns every year …[and are thus] the central public space of our cities today.” – Robert Bruegmann1 “The modern airport is… a reality on which it is our obligation to found a new way of defining community and tradition and …

“Extreme Mammals” at AMNH

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Exhibition Review Come Meet Your Folks: Warm Blood Is Required By Edward Rothstein New York Times, May 14, 2009 Raymond McCrea Jones/The New York Times Link to Media “Michael Mesiter, Director of Exhibition Design at the American Museum of Natural History, discusses the Extreme Mammals” exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History.” You don’t usually associate the American Museum …

Top 10 Science Centers

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1.    Exploratorium 2.    Denver Museum of Nature and Science 3.    The Tech Museum of Innovation 4.    Center of Science and Industry (COSI) 5.    Museum of Science and Industry 6.    Science Museum of Minnesota 7.    Liberty Science Center 8.    Museum of Science Boston 9.    Exploration Place 10.  California Academy of Science Runners Up 11.  California Science Center 12.  Pacific Science Center …

$24 Per Person!, California Academy of Science

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At $24 per person, the California Academy of Science is setting a tone before you enter the door, two adults and two children, $78 dollars!  for a public institution.  This is a violation of the trust between a learning institution and the public.  That is before we even discuss if the experience is worth it and I would say it …