Climate Change Exhibitions

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Photos from the Monterey Bay Aquirium, Mark Walhimer

Current Exhibitions related to Climate Change:

“Hot Pink Flamingos” at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Climate science gallery at the Science Museum, London

Rising Currents: Projects for New York’s Waterfront at MOMA

Earth Under Fire at AAAS

Green by Design at the Tech Museum of Innovation

Climate X at the Norwegian Technical and Science Museum

Birch Aquarium at UCSD

Climate Change at the AMNH

Duplicate of Climate Change at PRAE in Spain

Bill Nye’s Climate Lab at the Chabot Space and Science Center

The Last Days of Shishmaref at LP II, Rotterdam

The Ancient Basin exhibit at the Washakie Museum

INLO International Action on Global Warming

Grasping Climate a traveling exhibition from Teknikenshus, Sweeden

Climate Change at the Australian Museum

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