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Whether you are interested in more information on museum planning, or exhibition design, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Typical Rates:
– Project Workshop $6000 plus travel expenses.  Workshops Include:

  • New Museums
  • New Exhibitions
  • Interactive Exhibit Consulting
  • Museum Strategic Planning
  • Museum Customer Service

Workshops are usually three (3) days at the museum’s site. Prior to workshop, Mark will schedule a conference call to gather information about the workshop goal, including an agenda for the three days. After the workshop, Mark will create a workshop report including recommendations, and meeting notes.

Other Services:
– Museum Feasibility Studies (In the range of $15k-$25k plus travel)
– Museum Master Planning (In the range of $20k-$35k plus travel)
– Museum Exhibition Design (In the range of $10k-$95k plus travel )
– Owners Representation (Variable, depending on Scope of Work)

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