Exhibition Review; Museum of Jurassic Technology

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I visited the War museum in Singapore and its own way it reminded me of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.  I thought how could I have forgotten my favorite Museum!

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The Museum is located at:

9341 Venice Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232
Telephone: (310) 836-6131
email: info@mjt.org

One of my favorite museums anywhere!

Just what any museum should do, make you think!  Is this real?  Is this a joke?  Is this Art?  I believe the most important skills in life are:

1. Critical Thinking
2. Tolerance
3. Empathy

The museum calls on the visitor to use the their crtical thinking skills and examine the museum and their own acceptance of information as fact.  The museum is created by David Wilson a conceptual artist.

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