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Daniel Rozin, Mirror, Mirror

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The Exploratorium
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 563-7337

June 19, 2009-September 20, 2009, Daniel Rozin at the Seeing Gallery of the Exploratorium

“The Seeing Gallery is part of the Seeing collection on display at the Exploratorium. The gallery showcases exhibits exploring artists’ perspectives on seeing and perception.

This summer’s Reflections exhibition features the interactive artworks of Daniel Rozin, whose mechanical and software mirrors and sculptures respond to your presence and provide intriguing new perspectives on your image. You’ll be absorbed by Self-Centered Mirror, lose yourself in Self-Excluding Mirror, reinvent yourself as a snowstorm at Snow Mirror, strike a painterly pose for Mirror No. 10 (Sketch Mirror), and more.

Daniel Rozin is Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and is an artist and developer working with interactive digital art. All Rozin’s artworks appear courtesy of bitforms gallery and ITP-New York University.”

From Exploratorium Website

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