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Creating Impactful Visitor Centered Experiences

The Designing Museum Experiences book methodology is called; Museum 360 a way to create visitor-centered and community-centered museums.

– Mark Walhimer

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year ! Hope that you had a safe and relaxing holiday season. I spent time during the holidays finishing up the manuscript for Designing Museum Experiences to be published by Rowman & Littlefield in 2021. Now that the manuscript and the graphics are complete, I am thinking about how to describe the content of the book in a simple and concrete way.

I am calling the methodology of Designing Museum Experiences; Museum 360 a way to create visitor-centered and community-centered experiences for museums.

Museum 360 – 10 Step Process

  1. Clearly stated Change the project will create and roles
  2. Context, Demographics, and Stakeholders
  3. Mapping, most importantly Empathy Mapping
  4. Audience Segmentation
  5. Strategy Including Stakeholder Analysis
  6. Tactics
  7. KPIs and Metrics
  8. Testing, Evaluation, Iteration
  9. Marketing
  10. Launch

The advantage of the Museum 360 approach outlined in the book is two-fold. First, the process creates a diverse, equitable, and inclusive visitor experience for all community members. Secondly, the Museum 360 process creates sustainable institutions that can minimize the effects of market disruptions.

In addition to the Designing Museum Experiences book, there is a website with additional resources, there will be an online course, and a cloud-based software with a dashboard for museums to monitor and improve visitor and community involvement.

If you have any feedback please leave comments below, thank you ! – Mark

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