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Working on my second book, what is your favorite book title ?

The book is being written as a “How-To” guide, about creating the visitorcentric museum. Hopefully going beyond “visitors” to “customers” (one that consumes the content of the museum) i.e. museums need to “sell” their mission, the museum’s mission is the “product”, the experience is the service. The book is making a point of museums are a service industry.  Describing the Customer / Museum dynamic as one of mentor, Like a good professor, challenging yet kind

Book Sections:

  1. What are Customer Experiences ?
  2. The New Museum Landscape
  3. How-To Create Museum Customer Experience (Goes beyond just exhibitions to include the overall impression of the museum at all touchpoints)
  4. Museum CX Future.

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    I don’t think any of these conveys the phrase you begin with. using the word customer makes the title appear to be about transactions rather than experience.

    Since I have not read the manuscript it is difficult to suggest. But has this something to do with interaction? Interactive development?

    Thank you both for the responses. Have updated the book’s description in the blog post. Please tell me if it helps and you can change your responses. – Mark

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