Peer Reviewed Museum Journals

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Curator: The Museum Journal, 1958-present

Peer Reviewed Museum Journals in publication as of March 2018

    1. American Archivist
    2. ASTC Dimensions
    3. Buildings and Landscapes: journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum
    4. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals
    5. Conservation: The Getty Conservation Newsletter
    6. Curator: The Museum Journal
    7. ICOFOM Study Series
    8. ICOM News
    9. International Journal of Arts Management
    10. The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum
    11. Journal of Museum Education
    12. Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship
    13. Muse
    14. Museum International
    15. Museum News
    16. Museums and Social Issues
    17. Museum and Society
    18. Museums and the Web
    19. Museum Worlds: Advances in Research
    20. Papyrus Magazine
    21. The Museum Review
    22. The Museum Scholar

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    Thank you Anna !
    I changed the listing to “ICOFOM Study Series” and added “Museum International”.

    – Mark

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