What is Museum Master Planning?

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Museum Master Planning is the creation of documents to describe a new museum’s vision, the visitor experience and an organizational plan for the new institution.

Museum Master Planning includes:

  1. A review of institutional assets and collections
  2. A review of local attractions and museums
  3. Educational objectives of the new institution
  4. Experience objectives of the new institution
  5. Exhibition story line
  6. Visitor flow diagrams
  7. Thematic treatments
  8. Preliminary exhibition layout
  9. Style Boards
  10. Exhibition Renderings
  11. Preliminary staffing plan
  12. Preliminary project schedule
  13. Preliminary project budget

Museum Master Planning is created by a museum planning team, that include; museum staff and volunteers, members of the board of directors, a museum planner and representatives of city and state planning agencies.

The objective of  Museum Master Planning is to create a clear and concise “road map” for the creation of new institution and a sustainable long term museum vision.


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  1. The slides in this presentation are missing. 🙂 Sure would love to see them!!!

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