In-House Museum Design in an Outsourcing World

The Future of In-House Museum Design in an Outsourcing World

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In-House Museum Design in an Outsourcing World

The Future of In-House Design in an Outsourcing World presentation slideshare

Back from the 2013 American Alliance of Museums Conference, great conference, best in years!  As part of the conference I was invited to present on the panel “The Future of In-House Design in an Outsourcing World”.  Above is a copy of my presentation.  I was asked to be part of the panel because of my blog post “The Future of Museum Exhibition Design, Part I”.

Session Description:
“Come hear five perspectives on the future for in-house design—from people who have built large, award-winning exhibit departments to consultants who have built teams of consultants and in-house staff and helped museums deal with dysfunctional in-house exhibit departments.” Final Program, Page 52 Session Description

Jenny-Sayre Ramberg, Director of Planning and Design, Exhibits and Design, National Aquarium in Baltimore

Mark Walhimer, Museum Planner, Museum Planning, LLC
Donald hughes, Vice President of Exhibitions, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Paul Martin, Vice President, Science Learning, Science Museum of Minnesota
David Harvey, Senior Vice President for Exhibitions, American Museum of Natural History
Kathy McLean, Former Director of Operations, Please Touch Museum

As part of the session I created a survey “Exhibition Production In-house or Outsourced ? “, I will collect resposnses for a month then post results here on Museum Planner.  Thank you!

I will follow this post with photos from the conference and museum trends that I observed at the conference.

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