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"Trends Map" from Now and Next

Museum Trends, Museum Planning, the future of museums and interactive kinetic sculpture for the week of November 7, 2011

Fantastic resource for Sustainable Exhibition Practices
Exhibit Seed

Nicely Designed Guide to ADA Guidelines by Luminant Design
2010 ADA Standards visual summary of U.S. accessibility code for signs

Museum / Exhibition Openings:
Maurizio Cattelan: all retrospective at Guggenheim, New York
Design Bloom

Clyfford Still Museum to open this month
Architectural Record: Clyfford Still Museum Opening

“Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan”
National Gallery London
BBC: Overcrowded Blockbuster

New exhibition at the former administration building of Topf & Sons
Topf und Soehn Website

Brooklyn Navy Yard Museum opens Veteran’s Day,
Daily News Article

Articles of Interest:
Leonardo museum still trying to find it’s way, they don’t have a brand yet,
Deseret News Article

New bill in senate to eliminate $110m in funding to transportation museums, write to your senator.
AAM Letter to Your Senator

Decision Fatigue, great article New York Times, people spending more money now although feel worse about the economy
Decision Fatigue

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