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"Trends Map" from Now and Next

Weekly news about museum trends, museum planning, the future of museums and interactive kinetic sculpture for the week ending January 9, 2012.

Museum Planner Related:

Posted “2010 Top Art Museums”, part of research into “bricks and mortar” vs. online museum experience, Link
Posted “Getting Started in Museums”,Link
Museum Planner in 2012 Link
Just posted about my experience as a juror for the “2011 Solar Decathlon”, Link
Uploaded photos of Toyota Mobile Experience” consulted on interactive exhibits, Link
Just updated Museum Flight Simulator at museum – Link
Who is your favorite interactive kinetic sculptor?: Link

Working on Science Center Attendance:
Visitor Attractions Visits 2010 – Association of Leading Visitor Attractions Link

Trends, this week MIT free online education, smart phone apps, future of gaming, new media and the joy of quiet: 
Amazing !, M.I.T.x, Free Online Education For All, This is going to change everything, Link
Tate Modern Puts 121 Years Of Art History In The Palm Of Your Hand, Link
Reviews: four apps that look at objects, Link
Interesting overview, “Future of Gaming” Link
Self-generating Movie for Covent Garden Piazza, Link
The Disappearing Barriers Between Business And Nonprofits Are Driving Innovation, Link
Interesting article about digital collections, Link
Metropolitan Museum of Art and Google Goggles collaboration,Link,  Google Goggles Link
The Joy of Quiet, “how to stay ahead of the curve”, Link

Museum Reports:
Amazing report, “The Travel & Tourism Compeitiveness Report 2011”, Link
“Economic Impact Methodologies For the museums, libraries and archives sector”, Link
Interesting study, “The Impact of Science & Discovery Centres” A review of worldwide studies, Link
Just found a report created by the Whiteoak Institute for the American Association of Museums Link

Exhibition Openings:
Wonderful article in the New York Times review of ““ElectriCity: Powering New York’s Rails.”, Link
Exhibition: “The Art of Video Games” to open at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Link

Interactive Kinetic Art:
Nice work by Greg Pond, sound installation, Link
Wonderful list of Interactive Kinetic Sculptors, Link
Ars Electronica 2012, August 4th, Link

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