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"Trends Map" from Now and Next

Weekly news about museum trends, museum planning, museum exhibition design, the future of museums and interactive kinetic sculpture for the week of February 17, 2012.

Museum Planner Related:

After three years of supporting on my own, I am now accepting sponsorships, Banner $50, Sidebar $25

Posted a list of the worlds most attended Science Centers  Hard to believe, but is no international data on Science Center attendance.

Posted my reactions of my visit to the Holocaust Museum  A wonderful reminder that museums can change lives.

a Video Blog on Vimeo Interactive Kinetic Art

I am back from installing “Alcatraz: Life on the Rock” at Liberty State Park, will post the Press Release

A listing of exhibitions related to Climate Change at our website

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Uploaded video of The Tech Museum “Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery”, worked as Exhibition Producer

Just sent off the “Project Brief” for designing a new Children’s Museum in Eastern Europe

Trends, this week, Data Visualization, “Curation” and Photos in Museums ?

Data Visualization:

Too cool, open source software for artists

Wonderful afternoon with Hotpixel discussing Data Visualization

Edward Tufte “Envisioning Information

Selected Works of Jer Thorp

[nytlabs] Project Cascade

“We Feel Fine” / by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, Data Viz of feelings

Fantastic visulaization of the NYC subway

Eyeo Festival, Data Viz, Interactive Arts Festival

Great work by Kultnation

Offf, Barcelona

FIBER Space, Festival 2012

Future Trends Related to Museums

Interesting “curation” is the next step for Twitter

Curation and Web 3.0

Interactive Kinetic Art:

Roxy Paine “Scumak No. 2” at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Fantastic curated website of interactive projects,CreativeApplications.Net

Great light artist Leo Villareal

Bruce Munro – Starturn at the Holburne Museum

A new favorite artist, Doug Wheeler, Light and space pioneer

Wonderful work by Martin Klimas,, “what does music look like?” 

New Exhibition at MCA “Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Recorders” 

Wow, is this nice work! Rafael Lozano-Hemmer – Projects

Beautiful work by Casey Reas, “Network B, a.k.a. Process 4 (Installation 3)” 

Visited the wonderful exhibition Sarah Sze at the Asia Society

A creative community making marvelous models, Soda Play

Online Collections:

Online Guides : Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Great report of European Science Center Benchmarks

Smart Phones, Tablets:

29% own either a tablet or an ereader, according to the latest study from Pew Internet

For Profit / Non Profit ?

Getting my head around Children’s Museum franchises, What is lost with a “for profit?”, ,


A Painful Farewell to Saab’s Heritage, selling of the museum collection

France plans to open Napoleonland

So far 13 “Yes”, Museums should allow photos, 1 “No” museums should not allow photos

Amazing, Scribblenauts, a self directed game, create your own game as you go

Tragic spectacle that is Maurizio Cattelan, visited today, Way towards 1/3 Spectacle, 1/3 Education, 1/3 Erudite 

Attendance at the MOMA drops 11%, Met admissions rise,“We may be seeing a return to the era of the blockbuster”

Hub Museums:

Wonderful Arts and Science Center, London, The Arts Catalyst 

New Museum, Hub Museum

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