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"Trends Map" from Now and Next


Weekly news about museum trends, museum planning, museum exhibition design, the future of museums and interactive kinetic sculpture for the week of March 30,2012.

Museum Planner Related:

After speaking with an artist who couldn’t afford to visit the museum where he worked posted “Museums are for the Rich”

Posted a how to: “Museums and the Internet”

Posted video of “Alcatraz: Life on the Rock” at Liberty State Park 

Created a new group on Linkedin “Museum Planning” hope you will join!

Thank you to all of new sponsors !  There are still three spots available for $25 per month

Updated “Interactive Kinetic Artists” on Vimeo, hope you will join!

Trends, this week, “Pop up museums” and delivery of digital content

The nature of delivering educational material is changing:

MIT Free Online Classes

Singularity University, another profit / non profit collaboration

Interactive Art

Speedy Toy Cars Blur The Boundaries Of Sculpture, Chris Burden at LACMA

My favorite Art work of the week!, “Tape Recorders” (2011) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer on Vimeo

Gaming in Museums:

Integrating Minecraft into the Museum

Museum Marketing:

Museums should copy the Damien Hirst Spot Challenge, The most interesting part of the exhibition! “The Spot Challenge”

Exhibition Design:

This is the future! Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service Build it from supplied blueprints

Museum News:

“Museum Hacker?”, Amazing story of a French Artist Underground, breaking into museums to “restore” Art

My favorite gallery of the my day of gallery hopping, Eyebeam

“Pop Up” Museum:

BMW Guggenheim Lab, Mobile Museum, Model of the future of museums

“24 Hours Museum” Prada “Museum”, I love the concept a “pop up” museum

Digital Content

Nicely done, Interactive iPad Museum Catalog at University of Virginia Art Museum

Europeana, Online database of European Cultural Heritage

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