had a great 2011 – Thank you all !

Mark Walhimer Museum Planning 3 Comments had a wonderful 2011 – Thank you all !

Accomplishments in 2011:

Plans for 2012

  • 2012 Museum Exhibition Cost Survey
  • Top Museums 2011 Report
  • 2012 Best Exhibitions
  • Weekly “Museum Trends”, oriented to museum planning, the future of museum exhibitions, interactive sculpture, trends in museums,
  • One post per week on, museum planning, exhibition design and the future of museums
  • Mark Walhimer Exhibition Design, LLC to become Museum Planner, LLC
  • More content on kinetic sculpture
  • More content on “Museum 4.0”
  • at ASTC
  • to become the internets most respected website for “off the shelf exhibits and interactive sculpture”
  • Interactive sculpture installed at a museum
  • First draft of a book on museum planning
  • Museum U” – set up online museum class content
  • Apply for Hub Museum as a NFS Grant
  • Science Center project
  • Set up on line resource for “Museum Satisfaction”
  • Continued success of “Alcatraz: Life on the Rock”
  • More great clients in 2012 !

Thank you for the great year!  Looking forward to completing more research on the topic of Museum Planning & Exhibition Design at and working with more great clients in 2012.

~Mark Walhimer
Museum Planner

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  1. Looks like a lot of exciting things planned for 2012. Can’t wait to see them happen. Keep up the great work.

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