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Museums 101

Museums 101 Advisors

…So I have completed all of the chapters of Museums 101.  The publisher is not very happy with me because I am very behind schedule.  Doing the front end research and creating the “framework” for the book took much longer than I would have thought.

  Now that I have the drafts of all of the chapters, I would like to receive feedback from other museum professionals.  My hope is to have Museums 101 written for a worldwide audience.   Very interested in including advisors from Asia and Latin America in particular Mainland China, India and Mexico.

  I will apologize in advance if I don’t respond to all emails, I have gotten into a routine of putting on my headphones and writing 9AM to 3PM, lunch and writing 4PM to 8PM.  If you currently work at a museum and are willing to act as an advisor on Museums 101, please email me your resume.


– Currently Staff at a Museum

– Able to allocate about three hours reading and commenting on the current draft chapters

– At least two years experience as staff at a “museum” – Including Science Centers, Children’s Museums, Art Museums, History Museums, Natural History Museums, Zoos and Aquariums

Especially interested Advisors who work at ICOM member museums, UNESCO listed museums and Senior Staff at Museums in Asia and Latin America.  All participating Advisors will be listing in the book as Museums 101 Advisory Board.

Thank you !


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