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Wow has this been a rabbit hole !

Working on a museum master plan and thought it would be cool to plan the museum architecture simultaneously with the digital experience using blockchain. Except, every-time I think I have gotten close to understanding the possibilities and capabilities of blockchain and museums I learn more.

In a nutshell, the idea is to combine the physical museum visitor experience with a digital museum experience. Then using VR / AR visitors can have a digital experience of the museum online. Much of the museum content would be free and if visitors wanted to learn more they could become a member and pay a yearly fee using cryptocurrency.

Initially my thinking was “since we have already built the museum digital models, it is not that much more work to create a digital experience on the blockchain.” The truth is the digital models are only a small part of creating the digital architecture for this type of digital experience. The infrastructure for this type of project is intensive. Planning the technology architecture (websites, digital wallets, coding, hardware, DOA) Setting up the .eth website, publishing the .eth to IPFS,

Museum Interior Digital Model

There are many advantages:

  • Ability to use cryptocurrencies to pay for in-person tickets, museum memberships (for use both person and digital), make museum donations, lifetime museum memberships, and ability to collect POAP tokens.



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