Museums and Synchronicity

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This morning I am getting ready to leave the house and on WFMU, “This Is The Modern World with Trouble” is playing “Dark with Birds and Frogs” by David Rothenberg and Korhan Erel. I am thinking this is wonderful! It is a recording of David Rothenberg and Korhan Erel improvising with birds and frogs.

Have to sit down and keep listening to find out that there is an exhibition related to the topic at the Wellcome Collection called “Making Nature“, while still listening to the radio show I take a look at the exhibition.

The process got me thinking, I am listening to internet radio from Mexico City, to a show in Jersey City, New Jersey about an exhibition in London. I was not looking for information about musical improvisation with birds or an exhibition about How we see Nature, but I have now taken an hour of my day to enjoy learning about the topics. There has to be an easier way to connect people to topics that they might find interesting. Or is this just life you find things when you can.

Is there a better way to connect people to the research and topics at museums as part of their day to day life?

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