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About three of four times a week I receive an email requesting information about starting a museum.  I have a standard email that I send people and thought I would share the starting a museum resources here on Museum Planner.

Starting a Museum Resources:

International Council of Museums ICOM – Running a Museum : A Practical Handbook

American Alliance of Museums AAM – Starting a Museum

Association of Independent Museums AIM – Museums Setting Up a New Museum

Museums Alberta – Thinking About Starting A Museum ?

Museums Galleries Scotland – New Museum Toolkit

National Park Service NPS – Museum Handbook, Part 1 Museum Collections

National Park Service NPS – Museum Handbook Part 2 Museum Records

National Park Service NPS – Museum Handbook Part 3 Museum Collections Use

Museum Fundraising

Association of Independent Museums – Successful Fundraising at Museums

Smithsonian Institution – Fundraising at Art Museums

A downloadable PDF of the above links and a copy of “Starting a Museum or How to Start a Museum in 10 Steps”:

Starting a Museum Resources PDF

*The Broad Museum, interior during construction

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  1. Hi mark, Am lepantas leshore , a Kenyan cultural entrepreneur with aim to start off small community museum In Amboseli kenya to safeguard and document Masai natural and cultural history.The museum will act as platform to store well the masai collections , advocate for masai artifacts be returned to Masai living history and above all be a educational center for students and researchers . Starting small is my plan for 2019 and your support and guidance is appreciated.

  2. Post

    Hi Lepantas,
    Sounds like a wonderful plan.
    I might suggest that you start with a simple description of your museum objectives, what is the change that you are hoping to create with your museum ?

    – Mark

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