Top 10 Children’s Museums

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  1. The City Museum
  2. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  3. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
  4. Minnesota Children’s Museum
  5. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan
  6. Chicago Chicdren’s Museum
  7. Bay Area Discovery Museum
  8. Kohl Children’s Museum
  9. Children’s Museum of Pittsburg
  10. Portland Children’s Museum

Runners Up

11.Boston Children’s Museum

12.Please Touch

13.Port Discovery

14. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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  1. Interesting post, Mark. Any list like this is prone to attack for ommissions, or questions about inclusions. As you articulate no criteria for how you set the list, it is even more open to critique. It makes me wonder what you wanted to accomplish by posting it.

  2. Often when starting off planning sessions, the first question is “What are the best in the field?”. After 20 years working in museums, have assembled lists of what I consider to be the “best in the field”. Those lists will be posted on the blog for the purpose of benchmarking.

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