Washing Machine?

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Washing Machine?  What does a washing machine have to do with with museum planning?

Most medium to large museums have a laundry facility, why?

  • Washing of uniforms
  • Washing of guest’s clothing
  • Washing of rags

What does this have to do with museum planning?

  • What is your policy on uniforms?  Can staff wear street clothes?  A museum apron? Museum Shirt?
  • Who washes the uniform, the staff? The museum? A service?
  • Where does the washing machine go?  Near a break room so the uniform can be left for washing? Near the loading dock so a service can easily pick up the uniforms?
  • What happens if a young visitor has an accident and their clothes need to be washed?  Will the museum wash the clothes for them?
  • Will your maintenance shop have staff to clean exhibits? or do you use a cleaning service? Who cleans the rags that clean the exhibits?

There are lots of questions with no right or wrong answers, but each answer,  the culture of your institution is formed.

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