The Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM) is an organization dedicated to preserving North America's maritime history. Our 80+ members include museums, museum professionals and scholars from United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Australia and Canada.

CAMM works to promote high professional standards in the preservation and interpretation of maritime history. Our Members seek to convey and preserve this history through collections, sites, vessels, projects, exhibitions and research.

What's Here For You?

For the Individual

If you're an individual looking for a jumping off point for finding maritime and related museums, this site can help. Go to the 'Meet Our Members' page where you can easily find CAMM Member organizations covering the entire North American continent and a member from Australia. Many of these museums have websites that can be accessed through the list.

For the CAMM Member

If you're already a member of CAMM, use this site to get the latest CAMM-related news. Contact CAMM at

For a Prospective CAMM Member

If you're a maritime museum or related organization or individual, we invite you to look around the website - especially the Join Us! page. Working together, we can promote the preservation of our rich maritime heritage for future generations to explore and enjoy.


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