Disney's Hyperion Studio-historical site (Los Angeles, California)

USA / California / Glendale / Los Angeles, California / Hyperion Avenue, 2719
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2719 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Disney brothers put a $400 deposit down on this formerly empty lot on July 6, 1925. A single story building was erected with additions built through the '20s and '30s. Shortly after moving in, Walt changed the name from Disney Bros. to Walt Disney Studio. Cartoons animated here include Oswald the Rabbit, Steamboat Willie, Ferdinand the Bull, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Construction on the new Burbank studio began in 1938 and moving was completed in 1940. Although most of the former Hyperion studio buildings were demolished, a few were moved to Burbank. The lot now houses a Gelson's Market.


Nearby cities: Long Beach, California; Los Angeles, California; Santa Clarita, California
Coordinates:   34°6'27"N   118°16'22"W
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