iLife ’11

iPhoto ’11

From your Facebook Wall to your coffee table to your best friend’s inbox (or mailbox). Do more with your photos than you ever thought possible. And do it all in one place. iPhoto.

New Full-Screen Modes

Bigger is better. Especially when it comes to your photos. In iPhoto ’11, you can browse, edit, and share your photos full screen. With a quick click, desktop applications, the menu bar, and other distractions disappear, bringing your images front and center. Full-screen views take advantage of every inch of your display. So your Faces corkboard and Places map stretch from edge to edge, and you see more of your Events, albums, and projects. Go from picture to picture while basking in full-screen greatness using the new filmstrip. More screen real estate means a bigger workspace for perfecting each shot or creating the most memorable iPhoto projects ever.

And now with OS X Lion, you can swipe to and from other applications or Mission Control without ever leaving full-screen view.

Facebook Enhancements

iPhoto and Facebook are now even better friends. Because some of the things you love doing on Facebook — posting photos and updating your profile picture, for instance — you can do in iPhoto. Share your amazing European vacation by publishing the photos directly to your Wall or to an existing album. If your friends leave comments on your photos, you’ll see them in iPhoto. iPhoto even shows you all of your Facebook photo albums, including the ones you published using another application. You’ll always know which photos you shared (or didn’t share) on Facebook, because iPhoto keeps track of that for you.

Emailing Photos

Emailing a photo usually means bouncing from your email application to your pictures folder and back again. But now you can create and send beautiful messages without leaving iPhoto. Just choose from eight Apple-designed themes that you customize with your own images and words. Then select the photos you want to send, and iPhoto places them in the template. Rearrange photos with a simple drag and drop, adjust the image mask, or change the size and style of your text. Even attach high-resolution versions of your photos for your recipient to download and keep. iPhoto optimizes your message so it’s never too big to send.

iPhoto works with popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, and AOL. And since iPhoto keeps track of all your email messages with photos, you’re free to open a sent message, make changes, and share it with someone new, anytime you want.

New Slideshows

Hear the word “slideshow” and you probably imagine a typical, photo-by-photo, fade-in, fade-out production. With iPhoto ’11, there won’t be anything typical about the slideshows you make. New animated themes — like Holiday Mobile, Places, and Reflections — give your photos movement. For instance, in the Holiday Mobile theme, images swing in and out as though they were hanging from an actual mobile. Each shot is centered and framed perfectly, thanks to face detection. And the animated themes include their own soundtracks, so your photos and music play together flawlessly.

Big Leap in Books

iPhoto ’11 makes it even easier to create professional-quality books using your own photos. So you can relive unforgettable moments one beautiful page at a time.

Building your book starts with a new dynamic Theme browser where each theme is revealed in a carousel — complete with images you’ve selected. Pick a theme, and an even smarter Autoflow instantly goes to work, placing your images for you. Your key photo becomes the cover shot. Higher-rated images are featured more prominently. Photos taken on the same day appear together. And all the while, face detection ensures that photos of people are cropped and framed properly. Change the background color, font, layout, and more. Add eye-popping full-bleed, two-page spreads.

Letterpress Cards

There’s just something about the elegant look and feel of a letterpress card. With iPhoto ’11, you can create custom letterpress cards personalized with your photos and text. For the first time, traditional printing techniques join modern digital photography. Each iPhoto letterpress card is made from premium paper and produced using a centuries-old printing method. Then it’s digitally processed with your photos and text. iPhoto letterpress cards are available in 15 beautifully crafted themes complete with matching envelopes. Celebrate the holidays. Announce the arrival of your bundle of joy. Tell your friends to save the date. Whatever you choose, your one-of-a-kind cards arrive at your door, ready to impress. Learn more about iPhoto print products

Photo Stream

Thanks to iCloud, when you take a photo with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad it automatically enters your Photo Stream, a rolling collection of your last 1000 photos.* To see those photos on your Mac, click the Photo Stream icon in iPhoto and there they are. You can also drag photos from your library onto the Photo Stream icon so they’ll appear in the Photo Stream on your iOS devices, too.

Want to keep your photos on your Mac? iPhoto can automatically import photos from your Photo Stream, so they become a permanent part of your library — organized into Events titled with the month and year they were taken. Then you can make adjustments to them, use them to make photo books and cards, or share them through email, Facebook, and Flickr. It works the other way around, too. The photos you import from a camera or SD card to your iPhoto library can also appear in your Photo Stream. Then you can view them on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch — or on your other computers. Learn more about Photo Stream