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Liquid Galaxy is a cluster of computers running Google Earth to create an immersive experience. It started as a Google 20% project, and just kept growing!

We built Liquid Galaxy installations in Google offices across the globe, and brought them to over a dozen different conferences. People liked it so much that we decided to share it.

The latest public versions of Google Earth for Linux, Mac and Windows all include the features that make Liquid Galaxy work. This site documents how to use them, and all the supporting scripts and configuration files we use. We even put up the plans for our custom frame.

The Liquid Galaxy Project has once again been accepted for the GSoC program in 2013!

See the Ideas Page for the GSoC 2013 Liquid Galaxy Project.

We are proud to have hosted three 2012 Google Summer of Code students:

We are proud to have hosted three 2011 Google Summer of Code students:

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