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Baby Weddell Seals Have the Most Adult-Like Brains in the Animal Kingdom

Source: Smithsonian

Baby Weddell seal brains are already 70 percent developed at birth, while human infant brains are a mere 25 percent of their eventual adult mass.

Human Brain Cells Alive in Mouse Brains

Source: Scientific American

Researchers implanted human "progenitor cells" into brains of newborn mice, and the mouse brains became chimeras of human and mouse.

How Electric Brain Stimulation Relieves Depression

Source: PsychCentral

For many people who don’t respond to other antidepressant treatment, vagus nerve stimulation has been shown to effectively relieve severe symptoms of depression.

How the Human Brain Tracks a 100-mph Fastball

Source: Smithsonian

New research shows our brains have a specialized system to anticipate the location of moving objects, located in the V5 region of the visual cortex.

Brain Implants: Restoring Memory With a Microchip

Source: CNN

U.S. researchers are hoping to start human trials of memory implants within the next two years.