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Fall 2012

Far be it for The MoOM to take advantage of a pop culture phenomena when selecting exhibits but, well, maybe this one time. Hobbitish collects a number of foreign illustrated editions of the Tolkien classic. Although the scans are in many cases very small it's a lot of fun to see visual interpretations outside of Peter Jackson's, like this, from a Portuguese edition.

The longtime enemy of both the snoop and the thief, envelope security patterns have stoically protected our checks, credit card statements and paternity test results, thwarting all manner of criminal and looky-loo. Finally, these brave eye-blockers have their day, out from behind the flap at The Envelope Security Patterns Gallery.

If you're going to start selling potatoes, you're going to have to stand out in an already crowded market. So get yourself a screen-printer, an all American logo, don't forget to add "U.S. No. 1" on there somewhere, and start printing on your potato sacks. In no time, you'll surely find yourself rolling in starched riches and have an entry in the Collection of Screen-Printed Burlap Potato Sacks to boot.

It's second nature to call up IMDb when you can't remember that actor's name, or what song played in the credits, but where do you go when you're watching You Only Live Twice and thinking "Aki's Toyota looks like a 2000GT but they never made a convertible, did they?" The Internet Movie Car Database contains a ridiculously extensive and detailed list of cars and motorcycles used in films, most with screenshots from the film.

You'd think that by now that this last respite for analog gauges would have been over-run by flashing digital bars and 3D pie chart shapes. But thankfully, you'd be wrong. The Gallery of Tachs, Speedos, and Gauge Clusters from CarType is splendid and like most of our favorite MoOM entries, it includes dozens of variations on a theme. Vroom.

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