School of Design

Harnessing technical know-how to the human imagination in the service of societal change, Design at the University of the Arts prepares you to make your mark.

Programs in the School of Design challenge students to re-envision the world around them — to make it smarter, more useful, more sustainable, more beautiful. With a solid foundation in contemporary professional practices and the history of design, students collaborate, innovate and experiment. They take risks to create new solutions ranging from a mobile web application to a perfect chair, from an advertising campaign to a more efficient workflow in a factory.

Design matters and in the School of Design, you'll discover why it does in a thousand surprising ways.


Graphic Design

For more than 40 years, the Graphic Design program at UArts has been recognized as one of the nation’s top design programs.

ADAPT Footwear ID

Industrial Design

The bachelor's degree in Industrial Design (ID) helps students develop creative problem-solving skills.

Web Design & Interactive Design

Web Development & Interaction Design

This major is for students who want to be catalysts for social change by shaping the behaviors and activities of people in their everyday lives.

Illustration studio

CAMD Cross-College Programs

Programs include Illustration; Design, Art & Technology (formerly Multimedia); and the 5-Year BFA/MAT in Visual Arts.

Students in the classroom

CAMD Core Studies

Students in the College of Art, Media and Design meet in Core Studies studio courses to create, explore and experiment.