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Heritage, Cultural and Museum Studies

The Department of History in Art and the Division of Continuing Studies are pleased to announce the Graduate Professional Certificate (GPC) in Cultural Heritage Studies and Graduate Professional Diploma (GPD) in Cultural Heritage Management, designed to build your capacity as an insightful professional and leader in times of significant change.

These new graduate programs provide advanced learning opportunities for individuals involved with and dedicated to cultural heritage studies and museum studies. Online course delivery methods enable you to balance coursework with professional practice or with complementary graduate degree programs, while museum studies and heritage studies streams allow you to specialize within the program.

These programs encourage you to examine your assumptions, strengthen your conceptual foundations for practice, and develop strategic approaches to influence positive change. Join colleagues from across Canada and around the world in building knowledge and skills that will make a difference in your work, your community and your career in the museum, heritage or cultural sector.

Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies provides advanced learning for emerging and mid-career individuals involved with a range of cultural heritage fields. The program is designed to strengthen both understanding and integration of cultural heritage, community engagement and sustainable development. It builds knowledge and practical management skills necessary to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing context.
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Museum Studies Courses include

Heritage Studies Courses include

Graduate Professional Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management

This program strengthens your capacity for management and leadership within museum and heritage contexts by focusing on conceptual and practical strategies for approaching challenges in the workplace and community with confidence and creativity.

This three-course diploma, which will be introduced in January 2015, will be available to professionals and those interested in pursuing a career or involvement in cultural heritage. Students who have completed the Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies can gain further skills in management and leadership by applying to move on to the Diploma program.
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Core Courses

Museum Studies Courses (elective)

Heritage Studies Courses (elective)

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