Welcome to the ASTEN Website

ASTEN is a network of science centres and museums throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The objectives of ASTEN are to:

  • encourage cooperation amongst science and technology centres, museums and other organisations which utilise an interactive approach to further the public understanding of science and technology;
  • act as an advocate for the roles and activities of member organisations;
  • act as the Australasian focus and clearinghouse for information about the collective activities of member organisations;
  • encourage and facilitate the exchange of interactive exhibits and exhibitions between member organisations;
  • share information on the wide range of activities of member organisations.

Major activities of ASTEN include:

  • organising professional development seminars, conferences and workshops for member organisations;
  • arranging opportunities for skill sharing between staff of member organisations;
  • collecting and disseminating relevant information within member organisations by way of a regular newsletter;
  • representing member organisations in national, regional and international events and programs;
  • providing a forum for information exchange about touring exhibitions;
  • facilitating the resolution of commercial and legal issues affecting the operations and business of member organisations;
  • providing a directory of members;
  • liaising with other similar Australian, New Zealand and international networks;
  • facilitating the provision of professional assistance and advice;
  • facilitating the establishment of special interest groups appropriate to member organisations.

Click here for the ASTEN Constitution or ASTEN Executive.



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