EGMUS - The European Group on Museum Statistics

The EGMUS group was established in 2002.  At present 27 European countries, from  within and outside the European Union, are represented in this group. The main objective of EGMUS is collection and publication of comparable statistical data.  Available data from national museum statistics and surveys are compiled and updated and stored in the Abridged List of Key Museum Indicators (ALOKMI) table. The ALOKMI is the first step towards the harmonisation of museum statistics in Europe. See Statistics on this website.

Although some partial comparisons between the participating countries are already possible from the ALOKMI figures, more comparability will be achieved if national museum statistics apply common questions. See Standard Questionnaire on this website.


Mission Statement

Collect and compile available statistical data on museums in Europe and promote the harmonisation of museum statistics.


Standard Questionnaire

You are invited to use all the questions or choose those which are appropriate for your national survey

Questionnaire in English
    (DOC, 425 KB)

This Standard Questionnaire was updated by the EGMUS group in 2013.

Did you know?

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