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The Eames Office created dozens of exhibitions between 1943 and 1988, but only one is still up today: Mathematica: A World of Numbers and beyond… in a version in Boston (the original was closed in January of 1998 by the California Science Center—see below for more information). A version of Mathematica in Atlanta is currently closed for renovation. However, there are ongoing exhibitions around the world that utilize and showcase the Eames work in various ways. In addition the Eames Office today continues to be active in education and exhibition.

All exhibits are free and open to the public.


Essential Eames: The Design of Knowledge
October 13, 2011 – April 28, 2012

Visit the Eames Office to see our newly arrived stars: the Probability Machine and Celestial Mechanics.

Essential Eames explores the classic yet contemporary educational philosophies of Charles and Ray Eames through an intimate look at their films, exhibitions, presentations, and former staff members’ recollections. Three additional components from the original 1961 exhibition, Mathematica: A World of Numbers . . . and Beyond, are also featured: the Moebius Strip, History Wall and Image Wall.



Upcoming exhibition information coming soon.


Ray Eames: Notes for a Celebration
Opened December 18, 2008

Explore Ray Eames’ development of her design philosophies and approach through an intimate look at her work. The exhibit presents key touchstones through her years at the Bennett School, and studies with Hans Hofmann and at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where she met Charles. The exhibit continues with examples of her art and process, freeing the viewer to explore how the details united into a seemingly effortless whole that flowed into all aspects of her life and her work with Charles. Share Ray Eames’ elegant vision as you ponder handwritten notes, Arts and Architecture covers, a Technicolor coat lining, Eames House dishes, and much, much more.

Closed December 24, 2009

Past Exhibitions at Eames Office, 850 Pico Boulevard

The Gifted Eye of Charles Eames:
A Portfolio of 100 Images
Opened January 17, 2008
Charles Eames Part II
Opened January 17, 2008
Charles Eames Part I
Opened June 16, 2007

Powers of Ten—A Traveling Exhibition

The exhibition uses the journey in scale to provide a rich intellectual and visual experience for visitors to the gallery. Each of the powers of ten appears on 27″ by 27″ photographic panels. Brief captions identify each power of ten. Longer text panels integrate these images into other views of the universe and tell the story of how humanity has come to know what it knows. Large objects in the center of the space taken from the community where the exhibition is on view provides a sense of scale. In the foyer, local students have shared drawings of the something very large and something very small. We have sorted these by scale. The film Powers of Ten plays on continuous loop.
A Production of the Eames Office
Designed by Eames Demetrios

The Work of Charles and Ray Eames: A Legacy of Invention

Organized by the Library of Congress and the Vitra Design Museum , this is the first major retrospective of the Eames work since the death of Ray Eames. Designed by Craig Hodgetts and Ming Fung in conjunction with exhibition director Donald Albrecht, it is sponsored by IBM, Herman Miller, and Vitra International with additional support by CCI, Inc. In addition to artifacts from the two largest institutional Eames collections (the Library of Congress and the Vitra Museum) and the largest private collection (the Eames Office), the exhibition also includes a huge media component (28 monitors) created by Eames Demetrios of the Eames Office. This includes a re-creation of the 1959 seven screen Glimpses of the USA presentation at the American Pavilion in Moscow.

The exhibition opened September 17, 1997 at the Vitra Design Museum. (By popular demand the show was extended 2 months to March of 1998). It then traveled to Denmark in the Summer of 1998 and then traveled to London last Fall where it was their most popular show (as measured by attendance). It closed in London January 4, /1999.

An Eames Exhibition Rarely seen Eames furniture, primarily from private collectors with images from the Eames Office and the Eames collection at the Library of Congress, USA.

August 10 through September 30, 2001
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo Japan, The Yomiuri Shimbun.
November 23, 2001 through January 27 2002
Suntory Museum, Osaka, The Yomiuri Shimbun.


The original version of Mathematica: A World of Numbers and beyond… was installed in 1961 at the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry in Exposition Park (now the California Science Center). This marvelous, elegant, and entertaining exhibition gives a real flavor of the fun of mathematics. As Charles observed, it was intended to enlighten the amateur without embarrassing the specialist. That standard of working successfully at both levels was critical to the Eameses. (The IBM Math Peep Shows –Symmetry, Eratosthenes, Topology, Functions, 2n–on Volume 4 of the Eames Films were created for this exhibition.) That particular installation of Mathematica was the longest running corporate sponsored permanent installation in the world until its close on January 31, 1998. However, two identical copies of the exhibition were made by the Eames Office in the sixties and they currently reside in Boston and Atlanta.
Click here to see a quicktime VR of the Mathematica exhibit in its original installation at the California Museum of Science and Industry (now the California Science Center).

September 29, 2001 – May 5 2002
Exploratorium San Francisco CA

June 8 2002 to September 9, 2002
California Science Center Los Angeles

Mathematica (Boston)

Mathematica: A World of Numbers and beyond… is on permanent display at the Boston Museum of Science. From an aesthetic, architectural, and historical standpoint it offers a rare opportunity to walk through a Charles and Ray Eames designed space.
For general information tel: 617-723-2500 hours M-Th, SaSu 9am-5pm, F 9am-9pm; closed Thanksgiving & Christmas Located on the eastern end of Storrow Drive, at the Charles River Dam Science Park, Boston, Massachusetts 02114

Mathematica (Atlanta) Closed for Renovation

Mathematica: A World of Numbers and beyond… is on permanent display at the SciTrek, Atlanta’s Science and Technology Museum. From an aesthetic, architectural, and historical standpoint it offers a rare opportunity to walk through a Charles and Ray Eames designed space. MATHEMATICA HALL: Complete, except for the Celestial Mechanics portion, which is on tour with the World of Charles & Ray Eames, currently at Vitra Design Museum.
Tel: 404.522.5500
Address: 395 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, GA
Hours: M-Sa 10a-5p, Su 12p-5p.

Charles’ Office

Charles Office is restored and recreated in detail in the Vitra factory in Wiel-am-Rhein, Germany, very close to the Vitra Design Museum.


National Air and Space Museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C. general information tel: 202-357-2700 hours: open everyday 10am530pm Powers of Ten film on display in the Powers of Ten™ Theater.

Grand Valley State University

In the Padnos Science Building of Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, poster size images of all the Powers of Ten appear along a 200 foot long hallway.


The Museum of Modern Art in New York City regularly changes their displays: general information tel: 212-708-9400 hours: MTuSaSu 11am-6pm, ThF 12pm-830pm, closed Weds., Thanksgiving, Christmas. Location: 11 West 53rd Street, New York City, New York 10019, between 5th & 6th Avenues

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