Our Mission

To create extraordinary learning experiences across the arts, sciences, and humanities
that have the power to transform the lives of children and families.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the global leader among all museums and cultural institutions serving children and families.

We believe in

  • understanding how children and families learn to continually guide our work and meet demands that we innovate to remain relevant.
  • creating extraordinary learning experiences that foster family learning and nurture interaction between children and their families. 
  • the power of family learning to help all children reach their potential and become effective citizens through an environment that encourages hands-on, minds-on experiences with nurturing adults, families, and friends.
  • serving a continuum of family interests focusing on children through the age of eleven, and providing special opportunities for adolescents and young children.
  • maintaining a commitment to education by effectively reaching and impacting schools, teachers and teacher training institutions.
  • sharing our experiences, our treasury of artifacts, and the talents of staff, volunteers, Guild, and youth to positively affect children and families in our community, state, region, nation and the world.
  • being a catalyst for revitalizing the neighborhood.


  • investing in the development of our staff, volunteers, Guild and youth.
  • our responsibility to collaborate with other institutions and organizations and to seek dynamic partnerships which leverage the impact of our museum.
  • taking the museum to new audiences through multiple mediums.
  • having a safe, clean, positive, quality environment that is affordable and accessible.
  • our obligation to be good stewards of our human and financial resources.
  • the value of diversity in our staff, the audiences we serve, the programs we produce, and the relationships we pursue.
  • investing in research and development to remain relevant and to help us ensure we meet our strategic goals and objectives.