TourML was created to serve as a simple and portable representation for tour content. Having a common language for this content will enable content management systems, kiosks, and mobile applications to speak a common language. Additionally, users of TourML will be better positioned to share and sustain their content no matter how the technology that we use to deliver these tours changes.

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The TourML & TAP: a toolkit supporting museum mobile experiences project seeks to develop tools and a specification for building, sharing and preserving mobile tours that can be used by museums of all types and sizes to create and deploy their own mobile experiences. Led by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the TourML & TAP project continues important work within the community to create mobile standards and open-source tools.


TAP is a collection of free and open-source tools which support the creation and delivery of mobile tours. The tools also serve as examples of producing and consuming tour content using the TourML specification. Currently TAP consists of authoring tools built on top of the content management system Drupal, a native iOS mobile application, and a web-based mobile application built upon the jQuery Mobile library.

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What's on TAP?

TourML v1.0.0

The TourML specification has withstood a great number of tour applications, ranging from the quick and dirty to deep, complex narratives. Given the stability and maturity it has shown we have now released version 1.0.0.

TAP CMS beta3 Released

We are pleased to announce the third beta release of the TAP Content Management System.  This release fixes a bug with the strongarm module

TAP CMS beta2 released

We are pleased to announce the second beta release of the TAP Content Management System.

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Latest Case Studies

The NMAI-NY app has been created as a mothership app to deliver mobile exhibition tours of shows at the National Museum of the American Indian in New York. The initial release contains a simple ten stop tour of the C.Maxx Stevens: House of Memory exhibition. The tour delivers the artist's own perspective on the work on display along with a gallery of images from a curator's visit to her studio. Each stop has a scalable transcript of the artist's interpretation to make the tour ADA compliant.

The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag is a museum for modern and contemporary art, fashion, arts & crafts en even musical instruments. The museum's most prized asset however is the collection of works by Piet Mondrian, which is the biggest in the world, spanning his entire career. We are using TAP as our new multimediatour system. We added a different multi-language option and cross-bundle search (which was later rendered superfluous because we opted for putting everything in a single bundle, but still).

Winona State has partnered with the Winona County Historical Society (WCHS) and to produce a mobile walking tour website. This project is intended to interface with a new exhibit being planned at the WCHS: “Identities in Brick & Stone”, highlighting several significant buildings in downtown Winona, MN. The mobile website utilizes new features in HTML5 (geolocation), to guide users on a walking tour of these locations. This has primarily been a student developed project that has been run with staff (me) and faculty oversight.